Cheese and crackers. Cheese and meat. Cheese and dip. Cheese and condiments. No matter what you like with your cheese, Edelweiss Cheese Shop has the cheese and the accoutrements! We feature many products made in Wisconsin including locally produced meats, sauces, syrup, mustard, yogurt, jams and jellies. We have also brought in some select candies which make a fine accompaniment to our cheese.


  • CandiesAssorted candies, Baraboo
  • Indulgence Chocolatiers, Milwaukee
  • Mayana Chocolate, Spooner
  • Chocolate from Switzerland, Scotland, Germany and Sweden
  • Gingersnap cookies from Sweden
  • Mustard from Mustard Museum in Middleton WI
  • Dusseldorf Mustard from Germany
  • Pepper Jelly and Jams from Door County WI
  • Quince and Apple preserves made in Madison WI

Local Meats:

  • Braunschweiger from Hoesly’s Meats, New Glarus
  • Award-winning “Alpine Boy Homemade Sausage”, Beef jerky and sticks from Gempeler’s, Monticello
  • Sausages and smoked meats from Usinger’s Sausage, Milwaukee
  • Landjaegers from Hoesly’s Meats, New Glarus

Stop in for a snack and discover your own favorite cheese and accoutrement combination. Edelweiss Cheese Shop is located along First Street in New Glarus WI.