About Edelweiss Cheese Authentic Wisconsin, LLC

Edelweiss Cheese Shop
Bruce and Kathy Workman, owners
529 First Street
New Glarus, WI 53574


The Cheese Shop focuses on hand-crafted specialties, primarily artisan cheeses from Wisconsin cheesemakers.  We also have a large variety of great local beers. Be sure to browse our selection of items displaying the workmanship of regional craftsmen. We invite you to experience a little taste of Wisconsin!
Bruce Workman Master Cheesemaker

Bruce Workman – Master Cheesemaker

Bruce holds nine masters for cheese and is the Master Cheesemaker and owner of Edelweiss Creamery.  He has made cheese for forty years beginning with a job before and after high school.  Bruce and Kathy Workman purchased and refurbished a small factory which was founded in 1916.   He opened Edelweiss Creamery in April 2004.  In 2007 Bruce and Kathy formed a co-op with Graziers farmers. At Edelweiss Creamery Bruce makes artisan cheese which means in small batches.  His signature cheese is Emmentaler which is made in a traditional copper vat.  The finished wheels weigh an average of 180 pounds.  It has a thin poly cover with the number of the factory and his signature demonstrating authenticity and integrity in each wheel.

The making of Emmentaler – traditional Swiss cheese

Emmentaler Swiss CheeseThe copper vat is critical for producing real Swiss cheese.  As the milk and curds are stirred around in the vat, miniscule particles of the copper enter the cheese, causing a reaction that ultimately results in the desired rich, nutty flavor.  Once the curds are pressed and removed from the giant round forms, Bruce and his staff hand-wash them and turn them twice each week with salt –water solution for two months.  During this time, the rind develops and the characteristic interior eyes begin to form.  The eyes on traditional copper kettle Emmentaler are big and should be about the size of a quarter.